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Lucy Fuggle


I help SaaS businesses to create impactful websites with top-notch content, click publish on writing every day,
and go on adventures in the world's most remote places.


A few results I’ve produced…

Built two tech brands from the ground up, including websites, logos and messaging.

Created a content strategy to bring in the first 1 million blog views and 100k downloads for a SaaS brand.

Helped scale a startup from 15 to 100+ people, building new teams, processes and brands.

Implemented HubSpot for a sales team and built scalable processes that took pressure off the MD.

Ranked a travel tech brand #1 for “travel trends” keywords.

Helped a B2B tech brand to reach the top of Google for several high-value keywords in 3 months, boosting overall site traffic and authority.

Published writing on publications like Silicon Republic and Huff Post and B2B tech brands like Zoho, Constant Contact and Clio.

Interviewed tech industry leaders (including the inventor of the hashtag) for long-form authoritative content.

What we're great at.

We've spent years honing all of the skills necessary for creating great SaaS websites.

Content Marketing

Strategies / Writing / Conversions & Lead Gen


Strategies / Tools / Optimisation / Monitoring

User Research

Interviews / Analytics / Research

Design Collaboration

Prototyping / Mockups / Feedback

Client Collaboration

Strategies / Tools / Quick Feedback


Slide Deck / Strategies / Tactics

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Analytics / A/B Testing / Tactics


Positioning / Messaging / Visuals / Voice

Analytics & Reporting

Identifying Opportunities / Dashboards / Tracking Performance

Where we work.

We work remotely with clients all over the world, from Switzerland to the UK, Ireland, Singapore, and the U.S.

A snapshot of the clients we work with.

Industries we know well.

Travel Tech

Our background is in travel tech, with a deep experience of tours & activities, destinations, and distribution.


We understand the current SaaS landscape like the back of our hand. We know what matters to businesses to yours and what increases client acquisition and retention.


We speak you and your clients' language. We've worked with B2B clients across a number of industries, from travel to tech, recruitment, and healthcare.

``I’d absolutely recommend working with Lucy! She’s smart and works fast, making her an ideal partner. She understood our product quickly and was almost immediately able to provide a wide range of excellent marketing services. Our product is now more visible to a wider range of potential clients.``

Kevin Millington Director of Acorn T-Stats

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