Build a content library to generate new leads & offer massive value

One of my favourite aspects of content marketing, especially for SaaS companies, is building up a content library.

This can be your go-to source of massive value for your audience – you can create ebooks, checklists, templates, whitepapers and reports that answer their questions, solve their problems, and guide the way to results they didn't know they could access.

Because of the inherent value of content libraries, they can work wonders for lead generation as well as your overall audience loyalty.

While your blog and website pages drive visits, your content library is where the bulk of your conversions can happen.

Think about a person's journey through your website:

Perhaps they search for "best practice to scale a SaaS startup" and end up clicking on a post you've written about sustainable sales methodology.

Your blog post is a content hit in itself, but it also includes a compelling call-to-action (CTA) for your next-step lead magnet. That could be a checklist of steps to scale your startup, accompanied by a few worksheets to help them get organised.

The reader clicks on the CTA, downloads the resource, and gets a hit of value for their business – all without paying a cent.

This person may then follow you on social, or engage with the next content you send out through email marketing. Over time, you can create a loyal fan who will be willing to open their wallet to access the next tier of value you're offering.


By building your blog and thinking where you can add more value, you can grow a content library over time.

Creating a content library usually starts with a blog packed full of in-depth, juicy content that answers your audience's pain points and solves their goals.


To help you decide what to blog about, really get to know your target audience. Build up your personas and understand what goes on in their day, in their minds, and in their hearts.


Once you really know who you're giving value to, building up your blog – and your content library – will be much easier.

When writing your blog posts, you'll begin to know when it makes sense to create a lead magnet.

You'll be writing about a topic that you have a tonne to say about and you'll know you're onto a winner because there's so much value on offer.

When this happens, you can choose to gate some of the value by creating a downloadable resource and putting a form in front of it. The blog post itself will still be hugely valuable, but the lead magnet will offer something more... and it will be so logical a next step that your readers will jump at the opportunity to have it.

Here are a few scenarios that would trigger me to consider creating a lead magnet with a blog post:

You're writing a how-to blog post that has a long list of steps, each with a paragraph or two underneath that goes into more detail. But the list of steps itself is super useful, especially as a checklist print-out that your reader could take away to help them get started.

You're including a series of exercises in your blog post that you can also format as a ZIP folder for your reader to download and come back to easily.

You're sharing an infographic in your blog post that your readers would benefit from downloading in a print-friendly format.

You've published a series of blog posts on a topic that would go beautifully together in an ebook. For instance, ten posts on the different aspects of how to grow your SaaS startup sustainably.

As you keep publishing on your blog and think how to give more value with lead magnets, you'll gradually start filling in the gaps in your content library.

You will want to do this to meet your goal of having a relevant and value-packed CTA for each blog post.

Over time, you'll end up adding different topics, sections, and levels to your content library. When you already have a lead magnet on one topic, you might choose to optimise it for a new blog post. Or you might add a complementary checklist.

You'll build up a toolkit of resources that you know your right audience will want.


It won't happen all of a sudden, but over time you'll have a hub of content goodness that will create magic for audience loyalty and lead generation.


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