Outgrowing your brand happens. It’s only a problem if you keep ignoring it.

Your brand occupies a space inside your audience's mind, built of thousands of impressions from their interactions with your business. If you've outgrown your logo or other aspects of your brand, those impressions are not going to be ones you want.

When done right, your brand values, mission, and personality come through in your content, logo, brand name, colours, voice, and every other interaction your audience has with you.

But sometimes things get stuck in the past. You lose brand consistency, the best friend of trusted and loved brands. Your brand is, well, all over the place.

You're holding on to your first DIY logo made five years ago because "it's your logo", even though everything else about your brand has a completely different look and feel. Your brand name has nothing to do with your products and services anymore, but you can't see how you could possibly change it.

You've outgrown your brand, and you're going to need to do something about it – the question is just when. Sooner is going to be easier than later.

Choosing to update your branding can provide a whole load of benefits. You get people talking about you. Your clients are relieved not to look at that old logo or colour palette anymore. Leads who previously turned up their noses at you give your website another look.

Yes, it requires work, and it's easier to forget about it for another quarter. But you can't keep putting it off – at least not if you want to move forward.

Start getting to the heart of what your brand is really about: Who are you serving? Why do you and your team spend every weekday in the office? What are your values? Where are you heading? Why?

Think about what that means for your brand: How should your brand make people feel? What's your voice, young and friendly or corporate and professional? How should your brand look - bright, modern, colourful, relaxing, traditional, trustworthy? What colours, fonts, and images can you use to get that across? What is your brand's most authentic voice and tone?

Identify the aspects of your business that aren't aligned with where you want your brand to be. This might be:

  • your brand name
  • your logo
  • your colour palette
  • the feel of your website
  • print material you're giving to leads

Understand what's most letting down your brand at the moment. Know where you need to be. Remember the core identity and values of your brand – it all comes down to this. Then make a plan.

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